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Who Are We?

US Ravens is where logistics meets cutting-edge technology. We optimize your order fulfillment using a network of international-level transportation, advanced technology, and operational know-how. We’ll take care of your logistics needs so you can concentrate on expanding your business.

Whether you require a Box truck, Gooseneck truck, Reefer, or RGN for your shipment, our logistics company in USA will meet or even exceed your greatest expectations and get the job done within time. We’ll collaborate with you to deliver long-term solutions, performing and optimizing your supply chain to forge a more straightforward path forward.

7+ Years in the Supply Chain Industry

Real-Time Shipment Tracking for Transparency & Predictability

Leverage Networks & Technology to Address Capacity Constraints

Freight Services for Every Business

Understanding the intricate landscape of modern logistics, our freight transportation company dedicated itself to developing comprehensive solutions that cater to the diverse requirements of shippers across all transportation modes. Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the unique challenges you face, enabling us to seamlessly connect you with the most suitable carriers and trucks, from Flatbeds and Reefers to Dry Vans. Your needs drive our services, ensuring every shipping solution is crafted with your business in mind.



Efficiently transport large shipments weighing 20,000 to 45,000 pounds, ensuring timely delivery and cost-effectiveness for businesses with substantial freight needs.



Seamlessly integrate multiple transportation modes like trains, ships, and trucks for optimized shipping solutions, enhancing efficiency and reducing logistics costs.


Refrigerated Loads

Ensure the freshness and quality of temperature-sensitive goods with reliable refrigerated shipping solutions, meeting industry standards for perishable items.


Less than Truckload

Cost-effective shipping options for smaller freight volumes (less than 20,000 pounds), providing flexibility and affordability to businesses with varying shipment sizes.



Whether it's from port to port, port to dock, or port to final destination, we'll provide swift and reliable drayage services.


Special Equipment

Tailored transportation solutions to accommodate unique cargo requirements, providing safe and secure transport for specialized goods and equipment.

$100K Insurance Bond to Ensure Peace of Mind

Our $100,000 insurance bond provides unparalleled protection for shippers and carriers in unforeseen circumstances. Shippers can trust that their valuable cargo is covered and in safe hands, mitigating financial risks associated with potential damage or losses during transit.

Similarly, carriers can operate confidently, knowing that they are backed by comprehensive insurance, which enhances their reliability and trustworthiness in the industry. This helps them attract more business opportunities and establish themselves as reputable partners in the logistics ecosystem.


Beneficial for both shippers and carriers


Promote trust, reliability, and peace of mind


Safeguard assets and drive efficiency


Your Reliable Logistics Partner

Do you need reliable 3pl services? No matter how far your load needs to travel, US Ravens has the best equipment, vehicles, and drivers ready to get it moving. As a reliable logistics company in US, we specialize in providing transportation solutions for even the most challenging shipment.
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