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Third party logistics

7 Ways Flatbed Carriers Benefit by Using Third-Party Logistics

In a world dominated by Amazon, customer demand is the only thing growing faster than the e-commerce industry. Whether it’s an individual shipper or a major enterprise, the customer is always looking for shipment updates once an item is purchased or scheduled for delivery. So, it is a no-brainer that logistics companies offering the most affordable and fastest freight shipping services have an edge over their competitors.

New technologies are being developed every day worldwide, and everyone wants you to be as fast and convenient as possible. That’s why companies should consider third-party logistics for their business needs.

How Flatbed Carriers Benefit from Using 3PL Services?

Flatbed shipping can be challenging and complex, requiring careful coordination, planning, and execution. Working with a third-party logistics provider can help many companies optimize their flatbed shipping tasks and achieve greater efficiency and affordability.

While flatbed shipping is crucial for our economy – sectors like gas, oil, construction, and manufacturing are heavily dependent on flatbed shipping – it also presents many challenges like procurement difficulties, widespread decentralization, and the tendency to ignore technology. To combat such challenges and streamline flatbed shipping challenges, use third-party logistics. Here are 7 ways that flatbed shippers benefit from partnering with 3PL services:

  •  Gain Business Intelligence

For most shipments, shippers utilize business intelligence (BI) software tools but often overlook the possibility of flatbed shipping. Using BI tools from 3PLs, shippers can dig into their freight and deconstruct information across all modes. Using BI allows a company to do a mode-specific cost analysis to ensure that they make the right choice when it comes to choosing the best means of transportation.

Finally, precise seasonality forecasting can significantly impact the company, particularly in the flatbed sector.

  • View Real Time Shipment Tracking and Tracing

All shippers focus on improving efficiency. 3PL providers can offer on-demand shipment tracking and automated alerts for better awareness of shipment status. Proactive monitoring also allows for better utilization of jobsite crews, giving complete visibility to the current location and delivery estimated time of arrival (ETA) of a particular shipment. Utilizing a 3PL website/mobile app can be an excellent tool for on-the-go notifications.

  • Assess Risks

Transporting oversized and unconventional freight involves inherent risks. Flatbed shippers must navigate complex regulations, compliance requirements, and safety considerations. 3PLs specialize in risk assessment and management, ensuring that flatbed shippers comprehensively understand the potential risks associated with their shipments. By conducting thorough risk assessments, 3PLs can help shippers mitigate potential pitfalls, improve safety protocols, and ensure regulatory compliance.

This proactive approach reduces the likelihood of disruptions and delays, safeguarding the successful delivery of shipments.

  •  Streamline Payments

Managing the financial aspect of shipping can be daunting for flatbed shippers. However, partnering with 3PL simplifies this process by offering streamlined payment solutions. 3PLs often provide consolidated billing services, reducing the need for shippers to handle multiple invoices from various carriers. Additionally, 3PLs can handle the payment process, ensuring accurate and on-time payments to carriers.

Streamlining payments saves time and resources and improves carrier relationships by ensuring timely compensation.

  • Seamless Digital Carrier Onboarding

3PLs often have a sophisticated digital platform that streamlines the onboarding process. Flatbed carriers benefit from simplified registration, credentialing, and documentation procedures, making it easier to start working with new customers and handle their shipments efficiently. By leveraging the digital capabilities of 3PLs, carriers can save time and resources on carrier onboarding.

US Ravens offers a cutting-edge digital carrier onboarding process that simplifies and expedites the registration of carriers into our transportation management system (TMS).

  • Efficient Load Creation Management

Third-party logistics providers offer efficient load creation and management capabilities through their advanced technology systems. Carriers can access digital load boards, receive notifications, and efficiently plan resources. This optimization leads to higher load acceptance rates, reduced empty miles, increased revenue, and improved operational efficiency.

Our user-friendly interface helps us input load details, shipment tracking, and communicate with the carrier, streamlining an entire load management process

  • Access to the International Transportation Network

For flatbed carriers looking to expand their business globally, partnering with a 3PL can offer access to an extensive international transportation network. 3PL has a strong presence and connection across different countries, enabling carriers to tap into new markets and secure international freight opportunities. This access to a global network can significantly enhance the growth and profitability of flatbed carriers.

Through  USRavens extensive network of international transportation partners, flatbed carriers have gained access to a wide range of shipping opportunities.

Conclusion: Partner with US Ravens

Although flatbed shipping can be complicated, using a third-party logistics company in the US can simplify processes, lower expenses, and boost productivity. Shippers can take advantage of several advantages by working with 3PL for their flatbed shipping needs, including lower shipping costs, enhanced visibility and tracking, streamlined operations, access to a vast network of carriers, and knowledge of industry rules.

So partner with a reliable logistics broker today and let the US Ravens be your next third-party logistics provider.