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Best Load Boards For Truck Loads

Best Load Board to Find Truck Loads and Freight for Truckers

Identifying the best load boards is crucial for maximizing profits in the dynamic and competitive trucking industry. The best load boards will make it easy for shippers, truckers, and owner-operators to find the best load board for truckers quickly and give them access to the biggest load market.

If you’re frustrated with an unrelenting search for suitable loads, the sheer volume of expired listings, and ineffective methods, then you’re in the right place. Today, we will take you on a journey through the world of load board for truckers. We will give a detailed comparison of the 7 best load boards for truckers so you can choose the best load boards that will meet your business requirements. But first, let us understand its meaning and how it works.

What Is a Load Board?

Load boards have become the backbone of the logistics industry. They are online platforms where shippers and freight brokers offering carrier services can find available carriers and truckers can find available loads. Such platforms act as middlemen in this complex process of matching loads with suitable carriers.

As you might have noted, load boards play a crucial role in the lives of trucking dispatchers. Without them, they cannot find new loads easily, complete deadhead miles, and raise their efficiency. In fact, life without a load board is very tough to imagine.

They are contractually allowed to search listings for loads suitable for their trucks and the lanes of interest.

How Do Truckers Find Loads?

Before discussing load boards, it’s worth understanding the other avenues that truckers can explore to find loads. Traditional methods like networking and direct contracts still play a part. Additionally, freight brokers can be an invaluable resource; they offer carrier services and do the legwork to match truckers with suitable shipments.

However, as a small business owner running a fleet, you might not always have the luxury of time or expansive networks. Many are turning to load boards as a more tech-savvy and efficient alternative. These platforms streamline the process and provide options often not visible through conventional means, making them an excellent choice for carriers.

If you are looking to find high-paying loads using load boards, login to your preferred load board. Then look for any loads that need to be shipped from your preferred lane. If your lane is not a popular one, then you might find a high paying shipment as it will be difficult for the shipper to get any trucks in that lane.

7 Best Load Boards for Truckers in 2024

Whether you’re a trucker, owner-operator, dispatcher, or carrier company owner, finding load boards to get the best loads can be overwhelming. So, to make the process easier, we have listed the 7 best load boards in 2024. They are:


DAT can be considered one of the leading freight marketplaces in North America, with immense attention toward data and trends. Founded in 1979, DAT has tailored its services to meet the unique needs of carriers and brokers through distinct load boards. DAT has developed three services:

  • DAT TruckerEdge for the carriers
  • DAT Power for carriers and brokers
  • DAT Express for brokers

At DAT TruckersEdge, new loads are posted every business day, providing carriers with more than a million options. It also has unlimited searches and a load count by state, in addition to a state page to ensure truckers earn as much as possible. However, if you opt for the paid service of TruckersEdge, you can access loads from both America and Canada.

Price: $39.95 – $125 /month


DirectFreight has quite a simple layout and navigation. The site offers only two primary options: to find loads for the drivers or to look for trucks for the brokers. However, it has many sophisticated functions, including complete credit reports on shippers, weather updates, deadheads, trip miles, and load alerts, among others.

Price: $34.95 /month


123Loadboard offers details of available loads that are updated in a real-time fashion. It posts nearly 54 million loads annually and provides truckers with the opportunities to earn over $100 million annually.
The basic plan of the platform provides essential functions such as 24/7 web and mobile access to loads. Other plans add functionalities like load planning, credit score information, and instant payment through freight factoring services.

Price: $35 – $55 /month

C.H. Robinson Navisphere

C. H. Robinson has a modern load board emphasizing a technology called Navisphere. This platform enables you to schedule loads without so much communication through email and phone. When joining, you automatically qualify for their Carrier Advantage Program, a loyalty program that provides incentives and fuel discounts. It requires standard carrier documents and specific insurance thresholds to be eligible for membership.

Price: FREE


TruckStop is the most reliable load board for truckers, especially those who have Flatbeds. The platform provides its services according to the plans based on the type of client it serves, including carriers/brokers and shippers. Even with simple access-packed decision-making tools such as truck-to-load ratio and filter options, the former enables you to find the best loads. Premium versions also include extra options like the ability to compare the loading of two sides simultaneously or access the real-time list of the best-paid loads.

Price: $39 – $149 /month

Trucker Path

Trucker Path is also known for having relatively affordable plans with access to all features free of charge. It is on the low side, but do not disregard the quality of the available loads. The primary or Standard package allows users to make as many searches as they want and check brokers’ scores. Services of this kind go further than the basic plans, providing, for instance, a Fuel Surcharge Calculator and real-time day rate check.

Price: $16.67 – $74.99 /month

J.B. Hunt Carrier 360

Carrier 360 is J. B. Hunt Company’s carrier load board containing its customers’ loads. It is suitable for small to medium transportation companies and independent owners seeking to give out or secure loads within the United States.

Price: FREE


Choosing the right load board for your trucking business can significantly impact your operations. Before choosing between the various options, it is recommended that you analyze the characteristics that would be best for your needs. You can also pay attention to what users have to say about a particular load board, try out the free trials on various platforms, and finally compare the load boards side by side to choose the best load board.


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