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Dedicated Fleet Services vs. Outsourced Transportation: Which Is Better?

A private fleet provides a higher degree of business control, rapid integration of AI technologies, and improved customer service. However,

Best Load Board to Find Truck Loads and Freight for Truckers

Identifying the best load boards is crucial for maximizing profits in the dynamic and competitive trucking industry. The best load

How We Are Handling Last Mile Delivery Across USA and Canada?

Last-mile delivery has evolved over time, and 2020 proved this with the COVID-19 outbreak that affected the whole world and

What is the difference Between Logistics vs Supply chain?

In the world of organizational operations, two terms that get overly used are “logistics” and “supply chain management,” which are

What Are Different Types of Freight Brokers?

Today, freight brokers are core players in the logistics industry. As logistics operations grow, it takes a lot of work

Cargo Insurance Claim: How to Get Your Money Back?

Transporting goods across regions involves high risks due to factors beyond one’s control. From container thefts to transit accidents, the

Carrier Liability vs All Risk Cargo Insurance. Is Your Shipment Covered?

The moving of shipments and cargo is one of the biggest commercial jobs in the world. It needs lots of

Container Loading Inspection: Why Is It Important?

Transporting loads from one place to another involves various steps like loading of cargo, inspection, unloading and many more. Loading

What is Cargo Insurance? Does Your Shipment Really Need This?

Cargo insurance is a crucial aspect of international trade, providing a safety net for businesses and individuals involved in shipping