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handling last mile delivery

How We Are Handling Last Mile Delivery Across USA and Canada?

Last-mile delivery has evolved over time, and 2020 proved this with the COVID-19 outbreak that affected the whole world and altered standard ways of life. As new concepts and practices in the logistics and delivery process emerged, especially handle last mile delivery, the shipping and tracking systems in the USA, Canada, and other countries faced critical challenges.

Over the past few years, logistics providers in the supply chain field have had to face rising demand from shippers and carriers alike. So, as third-party logistics providers continue to make promises to contractors and customers and, in fact, try to go beyond their expectations, they have had to rethink their handle last mile delivery strategies.

Traditional logistics systems are insufficient in the face of growing shipper demand and their need for higher profits! So, in this article, we will explain what last-mile delivery is and how do you handle last mile delivery in 2024.

Understanding Last Mile Delivery: Effective Strategies to Handle Last Mile Delivery Challenges

Everyone expects accurate and fast delivery no matter where the shippers or carriers are! Although, the paradox is that – while everyone demands quick delivery, the aspect is the most costly and time-consuming of the entire shipping process. However, since shippers are always searching for better carrier services for their needs, you cannot afford to let them down.

Ultimately, this implies that 3PL companies must bear that cost. This is one of the challenges that third-party logistics service providers face during the last-mile delivery process. They are trying their best to handle last-mile delivery as efficiently as possible. Let’s see how we at the US Ravens take care of the final mile delivery.

What Is Last Mile Delivery?

Last-mile delivery is the final stage of the delivery process, that is, delivering the shipment from a central distribution point to the final destination or the receiver of the cargo. This is the final and most crucial step in the delivery process, and it is also a phase that all business entities involved in this process would wish to complete in the shortest time possible. This is done to meet the ever-rising demand for faster shipping experience in society, especially in e-commerce, food, and retail services. It is also the costliest link in the chain that products must go through to reach the final destination.

5 Effective Strategies: How to Handle Last Mile Delivery?

Ensuring that your last mile delivery is efficient to deliver the freights at the right time is crucial in enhancing the overall delivery experience. But the main concern is – how to handle the last-mile delivery. Here are a few practical strategies to improve the last-mile delivery process:

1. Provide Omnichannel Fulfillment

This means it is necessary to have several choices to get what one wants. Some of our methods include helping you pickup right loads, faster and more efficient return management, shipping to any location, or unlimited aisles where physical and digital data meet.

2.  Provide a Specific Date of Delivery

People like to choose the exact time they want to receive their shipments. To be safe, we allow people to obtain goods for delivery on the same day and provide the option of placing orders weeks in advance, especially for bulky and fragile items like furniture and home decorations.

3.  Allow Transparency In-Real Time

We ensure that interactions with shippers and carriers are prompt and informative at every stage of the order fulfillment process. This strategy is beneficial to know when the shipments are being processed for delivery, when the order is shipped, where a load is at any moment, and how soon it can be expected to arrive.

4.  Partner with Local Carriers

Local carriers appear to be more capable of addressing the issues existing in last mile delivery within the region. We cooperate with local carriers to offer better opportunities and establish close contact with your shippers through us for faster and more localized delivery services.

5.  Promote Cross-Functional Data

Lastly, our 3PL services have several methods at their disposal, one of which is real-time data. It helps carriers and shippers better understand the needs of the delivery process and engage with them effectively to foster trust and loyalty.

Final Words

Last-mile delivery is the first thing shippers will recall about their experience with any carrier provider; thus, it should be good. Once you have gone through the steps and are working with a willing third party logistics partner, you are now on your way to achieving the goal of the last mile customer experience goal each time. For more information, visit our US Ravens website.


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