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One-Stop Solution for Your Logistic Needs

Handling Your Freight Challenges Effortlessly

Through our integrated network, we arrange the perfect transportation for your shipments, regardless of their size or requirements. We work with you to develop specialized freight moving plans that handle your greatest supply chain difficulties, irrespective of your company’s demands, seasonality, or the complexities of your sector.

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Your Business' Success is Our Success

For the greatest logistical experience possible, we bring years of industry knowledge, smooth collaboration, and an entirely streamlined process. At US Ravens, we are dedicated to meeting the transportation needs of our customers. Throughout our logistics services, we have implemented our ideas with an incredibly high success rate. So, sit back and relax; your freight is in safe hands! With us, you will get:


Real-time Shipment Tracking

Monitor cargo progress for accurate delivery estimates and updates


24/7 Support

Access assistance and guidance anytime for seamless logistics management.


Safety & Compliance Verification

Ensure adherence to regulations and industry standards for secure transport.

Logistics Services

Reliable Carrier Capacity

Access dependable carriers with available capacity for efficient shipping solutions.



Tailored services and solutions focused on meeting individual client needs and preferences.


Competitive Shipping Rates

Get cost-effective pricing for budget-friendly logistics solutions and savings.


What mostly people ask us about

The Bill of Lading (BOL) is issued by a carrier (transportation company) to a shipper. It includes details such as the type of goods, quantity, shipping terms, and destination. After the carrier delivers the goods at a predetermined destination, he can use BOL as a shipment receipt. The Arrival Notice is typically issued by the carrier or logistics provider upon the shipment’s arrival at its destination. It informs the consignee about the impending delivery, allowing them to prepare for unloading and distribution. The Arrival Notice includes essential information like the estimated arrival date, shipment details, and any outstanding charges.
We offer various custom brokerage services and shipping options tailored to your specific needs. We have teams that specialize in OTR, Intermodal, and Drayage. If you need a dedicated truck capacity for larger shipments or have smaller loads that don’t require an entire truck, we provide FTL and LTL service, respectively.
Our shipping rates vary based on factors such as distance, mode of transportation, shipment size, and service level. For accurate pricing, please get in touch with our logistics team directly at We aim to strike a balance between providing competitive rates and ensuring reliable service and timely delivery.
We operate throughout the United States, covering all states and major cities. Whether it’s cross-country or local transportation, our logistics network ensures seamless movement of goods across various regions.