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9 Steps to Find the Right Third-Party Logistics Partner

A retail firm’s supply chain is considered complete when supply management and outsourced logistics services like shipping, packing, and warehousing is used effectively to fulfill orders. Hence, as a retail company, partnering with the right third-party logistics companies can help you reach heights and deliver results as per your expectations.  

But, choosing a 3PL company can be difficult process since there are various aspects that needs to be considered. But first, let us understand about 3PL partners in general:  

  3PL Logistics Partners 

3PL logistics partners outsource logistics and supply management services using transportation to fulfill orders. A perfect 3PL logistics partner helps companies avoid any extra expenses on labor, equipment, and storage space as they follow a constructive timetable in delivering the goods as per order, and this, increases the scalability margin of the company regardless of the supply and demand rise values.  

  9 Steps to Find the Right 3PL Logistic Partner   

Now that you know about 3PL logistics partners, the below 9 steps will help you find the right third-party logistics partner:  

  Conduct a Good Research 

Nowadays, you can find various options in 3PL logistics services that precisely provide vivid services, expertise management, and carrier-related information. You need to do good research work that includes the following: reliability, client approach, special services, and time involved in the logistic delivery.    

  Examine Whether Your 3PL Uses Cutting-Edge Technology  

Modern 3PLs have evolved with their services and have incorporated technology to meet consumer demand. So, make sure to properly evaluate your 3PL logistics partners and see whether they follow any robust technology that lets a consumer keep track of their orders.  

  Look for Stability   

Searching for stability is important because you can’t just keep changing the 3PL logistics partner according to the business growth, as it could affect the business operations in the long run. Ensure that the logistic partner you select has a proven track record of surviving in the event of an economic downturn as well.  

  Keep a Background Check  

As you know, stability is one of the key factors driving the business to success. Thus, while looking for a 3PL logistics partner, you must have proper information on their previous practices, logistic methods, and reliable approach to maintain a structural customer relationship.  

  Analyze 3PL Partners’ Potential   

Most 3PLs handle a variety of industries, so make sure your logistic partner has a reliable set of competencies and abilities that will satisfy both your short-term and future requirements. For instance, you may find some 3PLS are good with eCommerce business while others are good at retail or B2B, ensure that your 3PLs has the capability of satisfying both your short-term as well as long-term needs.   

  Customer Service   

A good 3PL logistic partner should prioritize customer service, responsiveness, and communication. It is also important to note if the 3PL partner deals directly with the customers and have the ability to positively represent your brand.   

  Figure out Specialties  

Figuring out the specialties of a 3PL logistics partner is essential when custom patterns are followed in implementing the software and technology. This could determine a long-term relationship with the customers.  

  Expertise in Different Channels.  

While operating a business, you might not be sure whether the service you could offer is either D2C [Direct-to-consumer] or B2B [Business-to-Business]. Thus, looking for a 3PL logistics partner who can operate both is important.  

Connect with Sustainability   

A 3PL logistics partner committed to sustainability will always try to maintain an effective strategy of following updated technology in processing the delivery services and help improve cost-saving and customer service.  



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